Survival Skills You Need as a Prepper

Survival Skills You Need as a Prepper

When you decide to become a prepper it comes with a certain measure of understanding that new skills must be developed. There are some skills that are more valuable than others. However, there are some skills that mean all the difference between life and death during a crisis. Two of the most important skills that must be developed are that of handling a weapon and building a fire. These are two extremely important skills that should be learned sooner rather than later. Here are some reasons why.

Building a Proper Fire

We live in an age of convenience. There are many people out there who believe that convenience is a crutch. Some preppers shun modern conveniences while some lean too heavily into them. In the case of building a fire that convenience would be lighters and matches. It’s true that you should not have to expect to be able to build a fire with only a couple of sticks, but you should at least know how to properly build and structure a fire so that it is able to last a longer period of time. This will ensure that you are able to cook food, stay warm, and signal for help. You can learn more about building fires at Patriot’s Closet.

Using a Weapon

Of the scenarios that you have to imagine preparing for nobody wants to think about the necessity of having weapons. Whether you are using a gun or a crossbow or other kind of weapon you need to be able to use it well. Getting the proper crossbow training or firearm training is essential to knowing how to properly use your weapon, be it for self defense or if you simply need it for hunting.

Check out this video to learn more about firestarting:

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